53hc waterbox
waterbox with equipment
water box exterior
water box interior

GEM designs, engineers and fabricates ISO containerized systems for virtually any mobile water treatment solution, taking all the benefits of an industrial media filtration system and providing them in a containerized and portable solution, ranging from ultrafiltration, seawater desalination, reverse osmosis, softening filtration, nano filtration and more.

There are a number of unique benefits to containerized systems in comparison to an in-room plant, including portability and self-containment. A containerized media filtration system can even be designed with multiple tanks, allowing one to backwash while the others continue to provide high-quality product. The possibilities are endless.

The containerized media filtration system is one of the best methods of purifying surface water on the market. ¬†Potable drinking water can be made for construction sites, temporary military camps and industrial uses. These systems can be moved to a new location when necessary or become a permanent installation. All of GEM’s containerized systems are designed from the ground up with your needs and specifications in mind. You can be sure of receiving a unique, high quality treatment system.