Custom built semi trailers provide an excellent platform for mobile industrial solutions.

GEM designs, engineers, fabricates, and builds custom semi trailers, trailers and box trucks for industrial utilization, including command and incident centers for first responders, military and law enforcement and more.

Customized vehicles come in a variety of sizes and multiple configurations. GEM has a solution to fit your requirements from a straight trailer to a multi-expandable trailer or truck that can be used for temporary disaster relief housing, emergency response, field training, crisis management,disease containment units, mobile laboratory, mobile exam rooms, mobile clinics, emergency medical services units, mobile kitchens, concession or vending, mobile military kitchens and more.

Trailers can also be customized to include refrigeration for industrial uses. Refrigerated trailers, commonly referred to as reefers, offer portable refrigerated storage for temperature sensitive products or materials. GEM offers both diesel and electrical powered refrigerated semi-trailers and storage containers that can be placed at a loading dock or on the ground. Reefers can also be provided with bulkheads for segregation or maintaining a seal while doors are open.

Some popular industrial uses for custom reefer trailers are pharmaceutical testing, temperature sensitive industrial materials, construction site storage of material that needs consistent temperature, insulating product or material from temperature extremes, chemical storage, resins, polymers and other plastics that require consistent temps, vaccine and bio-medical items.

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