Mobile Solar Power & Microgrid Solutions

We’ve combined the proven mobility of GEM ISO containerized equipment housings with the rapidly deployable/stowable EXOrac retractable PV racking system from PWRstation. This allows for on-demand solar power generation when needed and the ability to lock down the system behind the doors of the nearly indestructible container when not in use or in times of inclement weather.

  • Requires minimal installation
  • Shortens time to activation
  • Utilizes idle areas of property
  • Can easily be relocated
  • Available today from GEM
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System Integrations

Solar Microgrid Systems
system integration
  • PV Array & Charge Controller
  • Battery Storage & BMS
  • PV & Battery Inverters
  • Power Distribution
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Surveillance and Intrusion Prevention
Hybrid Microgrid Systems
hybrid power gen options

Hybrid energy systems consist of pairing traditional diesel energy sources with renewable energy sources like wind, solar and electricity storage to raise efficiency, deliver an improved balance in energy supply and lower the cost of the electricity produced.

Delivering hybrid microgrids to regions with populations lacking basic electricity is among today’s leading alternatives to traditional methods of building large centralized fixed power plants that can take years to implement and connect to the end user.

Unlike other hybrid microgrids, products based on PWRstation proprietary technology EXOrac are delivered preassembled, are transportable and “plug and play,” enabling short delivery and activation cycles, and ability to relocate your energy assets as needed.

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PV Racking System

PWRstation’s unique solar mounting system is a compelling alternative to today’s traditional fixed flat roof or ground mounted residential and commercial solar installations; and a powerful solution for permanent or temporary solar energy applications.