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Many areas in the US are known to suffer disabling rolling black-outs and regular brown-outs due to the age and overstress of the existing transmission & distribution (T&D) infrastructure, extreme weather conditions, and many other critical failure factors.

To combat these T&D issues, more and more utilities, independent power producers, battery OEM’s, and end-users of electrical energy are considering the implementation of battery energy storage system (or BESS) technology. When the BESS is placed within a specially modified ISO Shipping Container (normally done to increase its total payload capacity and/or to improve accessibility), it becomes known as a CBESS.


CBESS installations are becoming a very useful tool to manage energy assets as the deep-cycle batteries store power from the utility grid (most optimally during off-peak times), from fossil fuel-fired power generators, and/or directly from renewable energy sources such as solar arrays and/or wind turbines. When needed, this stored energy is then released and utilized for many functions, such as a non-utility T&D alternative, voltage regulation, deferral of capital improvements, and many others.

GEM has participated in a number of these CBESS design & build projects to directly address the needs of a growing energy storage market and we will continue working with partners and end-users to develop new technologies and effectual ways of integrating and packaging stored energy to help maintain the performance and reliability of the local electrical power grid while repurposing existing technology and combining it with new technology to make a new product that will benefit everyone.


GEM markets a custom-designed, purpose built, cost effective battery management system (“BMS”) geared towards applications in the stored energy market that specify and use Multi-String Grid-Scale Energy Storage Systems. These systems are available as stand-alone solutions or fully integrated with our other stored energy products.


Over the past 5 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients to implement effective and efficient BESS thermal management solutions.

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CBESS can be designed to be location-specific with the required voltage and amperage inputs & outputs and are normally provided as complete, factory built, turn-key systems including:

  • Batteries
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Racking (seismic-qualified if applicable)
  • Environmental controls (HVAC/R)
  • Fire detection & suppression systems
  • DC Combiners
  • AC/DC cabling
  • DCxAC inverter technology


  • Life Safety
  • Power distribution & control
  • Data acquisition & mgmt
  • Auxiliary electrical
  • and more